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General Information & Fees

Brent Allen Outside Stand Up Paddle Carmel by the sea, California.

BAO Stand Up Paddle is designed for a more personalized and complete experience for 1 or 2 persons. Most people appreciate having the undivided attention of a coach/instructor especially in ocean environments. This is a great opportunity for those that enjoy cross training to try a workout that is fun and different. BAO SUP is perfect for adventurous people that love the outdoors and being on the water. Learn how to Stand Up Paddle, take a tour, do a beach/SUP workout or just go paddle with no agenda.

The Monterey Bay is an incredible location for Stand Up Paddle Boarding with some of the most dynamic scenery in the world. On calm days it’s like standing on an aquarium. There is nothing like being on a Stand Up Paddle Board watching sea otters, harbor seals, dolphins and whales in the distance on their yearly migration. When the water is clear you get an incredible view of the ocean floor.

The Monterey Peninsula can be complicated with its weather patterns and ocean conditions. The south side of the Peninsula (Carmel) can be blue skies and sunshine, while the north side (Monterey) could be socked in with fog (Marine Layer). Because we have such fickle conditions it is important to have varied locations to take people out.

These are some of the primary locations we utilize for Stand Up Paddle:

  • Point Lobos State Reserve (Whalers Cove)
  • Carmel River Beach (River and Wetlands)
  • Carmel Beach (Launching from the south end)
  • Stillwater Cove (Pebble Beach)
  • Lovers Point (Pacific Grove)
  • Fisherman’s Wharf (Monterey)

These are the BAO Stand Up Paddle board options to choose from:

  • Basic Stand Up Paddle Instruction and skills
  • Stand Up Paddle Touring *It’s like taking a hike in the ocean.
  • Don’t harsh my mellow SUP * paddle to a kelp bed, tie down and get a suntan.*I don’t want to rush lets go paddle.
  • All sessions are 2 hours in total .Maximum 2 persons.
  • BAO can structure longer sessions (based on clients experience and fitness) and multiple day sessions.
  • You can choose a morning session or late afternoon session. These are usually the calmest times (wind) to have a great experience *daylight savings time is March to October for an early evening session. Being on the water when the sun is slowly going down over the Pacific is always memorable.

What does a 2 hour session cost?

  • Private session $150.00
  • 2 person session $150 per person =$300.00
  • We can provide longer sessions –just email your request.
  • Is it appropriate to provide a tip after the session ? Yes * On average they vary from 20%-100%

Are there any other costs involved that I need to be aware of?

  • There is a $10.00 entry fee for Pebble Beach and Point Lobos State Preserve.
  • Fisherman’s Wharf Monterey is metered parking (cash or credit will work for the meters)

 What does BAO Stand Up Paddle Provide?

  • Quality Stand Up Paddle Boards *Selected for clients based on session design and experience.
  • Boards are 9ft up to 14ft long Universal, Touring, Surfing, and Expedition models.
  • Kialoa Adjustable Paddles (from 5ft tall to 6’5ft )
  • Coiled board leashes –keeps the leash out of the water for no drag.
  • GoPro Photographs (2-4) that I email after the session.

What I DO NOT provide and the recommendations that will help.

  • Wetsuits or apparel for SUP session.
  • I do not rent equipment (Stand Up Boards, Paddles etc.)
  • Refer to the section on “local businesses I recommend” for purchasing stand up paddle board gear, wetsuit rentals, surf lessons, surf shops, SUP instruction for groups (Monterey & Santa Cruz), SUP equipment rental, bike rentals, and kayak tours/rentals.

 What should I wear?

  • Stand Up Paddle is about being on the water not in the water. It is more like dressing properly for running/hiking than being in the ocean. Yes falling in the water might happen. Your body warms up fast when you are in movement.
  • On cooler days or if you get cold easily a full 3/2 surf wetsuit or multi-sport wetsuit and 3mm booties are recommended.

I personally only wear a wetsuit (4/3 or 3/2, booties, and neoprene cap) if I am surfing Stand Up Paddle boards in this area. The Monterey Bay surface water temperature can vary from 50 degrees in the winter and up to 60 + degrees in the summer. The wind speed, air temperature, and Fog/marine layer can create a very Ocean specific chilling cold. Summer for the Monterey Peninsula is August to October.

  • On sunny warm days (above 60 degrees) for your lower half: swimsuit (waist to knee *referred to as Jammers) with board shorts, neoprene shorts, or technical tights are all options. Choices for your top/torso: Long sleeve rash guard, short sleeve 1.5/2mm top, long sleeve 1.5/2mm top, or a long sleeve technical shirt are all options. Hats are always smart. Make sure it has a chin clasp or is tied to your top or wetsuit.
  • Always check the weather before you leave home. Just go to :

Plug in Carmel, CA or Monterey, CA. It’s also smart to check the surf report for the area at go to the forecast heading *choose North America *then central California * then Monterey. This will provide swell, wind water temp etc…

What should I wear if I am doing a beach/Stand Up Paddle Work Out?

  • A surf spring suit would be optimal. If you have competed in multi-sport, a tri-suit (technical fabric) or triathlon wetsuit. Another option is to wear a swim suit as your base layer, board shorts, and 1.5/2mm neoprene long sleeve top. In these work outs you will be doing lifeguard type calisthenics on the beach and on Stand Up Paddle boards. You will end up in the water. Surface temperature will most likely be 56-60 degrees. If you live the fitness lifestyle, you will LOVE it!


What should I bring?

  • Beach towel
  • Sun Screen
  • Sandals
  • Something to drink (water/sports drink and coffee/tea) a warm drink is smart to warm your core temperature. Make sure to be hydrated before the session.
  • Something to snack on after your session *Clif Bar, Mojo Bar, Builder Bar, Banana etc.
  • Warm clothes to change into after your session.
  • Warm jug of water (a used gallon milk jug will work just fine). You can then clean off and wash the sand from your feet.
  • The most important thing to bring? A GREAT attitude!
  • Hat (stylish )

Look what are clients say about Brent Allen Outside Stand Up Paddle on Trip Advisor.

Registration & Waiver

Let’s do this thing!   How do I REGISTER and PAY?

Click below for my waiver form:

Brent Allen Outside Waiver 

Select a session to confirm reservation  with PayPal, click below:

Private Stand Up Paddle Session 1 person  $150.00

2 Person Stand Up Paddle Session 2 persons $300.00

Stand Up Paddle extended session  over 2 hours ( fee to be agreed upon prior to booking)

BAO Stand Up Paddle Refund Policy:

To schedule a session with BAO Stand Up Paddle all payments must be paid in full after receiving email confirmation that a date/time are available. A scheduled session is considered open until it has been paid in full. READ THE REFUND  AND DATE CHANGE POLICIES BELOW !

• If you email BAO SUP 30 days prior to your session to cancel you can receive a 100% refund less processing fee or request other date for your session.

• If you email BAO SUP 15 days prior to your session to cancel you can receive a 50% refund less processing fee or request other date for your session.

• If you email BAO SUP 7 days or less prior to your session to cancel there is no refund.

• If BAO SUP deems that weather conditions are to unsafe to provide a session in one of the locations you can receive a 100% refund or request another date.

• Email ,no cancellations by phone message.

Locations & Maps

Brent Allen Outside Stand Up Paddle Tour locations:


Surf & Weather Conditions:

-Monterey Surf Conditions by Surfline

-Monterey Weather Conditions by The Weather Channel

Certifications & Experience

World Paddle Association: Stand Up Paddle Instructor certification (level 1)
Paddle Fit Pro : Stand Up Paddle instructor/coach certification (level 2)
Red-Cross certified: CPR /AED/First Aid

Insurance and permits:
Outdoor Insurance Group

California State Parks – Monterey County Permit . Brent Allen Outside Stand Up Paddle instruction , tours, beach/sup fitness training.

Endurance sport coaching and water safety experience :

12 years water experience in the Monterey Bay .

20 years of experience in open water swimming including the Atlantic Ocean , Gulf of Mexico , Pacific Ocean , Rivers and Lakes through out North America .

Surfed/Paddled : California , Hawaii, Costa Rica , New Zealand, Australia , and South Africa .

USA Triathlon (expert level) coach 1999-2010 North Carolina /California
Structured & Managed 100 + USA triathlon certified training camps and clinics . All of which required water safety plans in all types of open water environments .
Red-cross certified Lifeguard  North Carolina and California 1997-2006

What I think regarding coaching and instructor certifications:

I think it is wise for people that coach and instruct in sport to have some type of standardized certification . It shows merit that safety is a priority and usually a requirement to get the proper instructor/coaching liability insurance . This also shows a commitment to continued education in the sport you coach.
All coaches/instructors should always be current on CPR & First Aid certifications ( current working knowledge) .

There are no shortcuts in practical experience . Having hired many professional athletes, sport specific coaches , water safety specialist , and teachers over the past 17 years has allowed me to learn a great deal.
I have been coaching in endurance sports since 1997 and my personal philosophy is give people your undivided attention for a prescribed amount of time . Help them move past any fears that came with them and replace them with new positive experiences . Create an environment that allows people to learn and have fun.




Local Businesses I Recommend

Stand Up Paddle boarding Retail Shop:


Covewater Paddle Surf Santa Cruz, CA. Covewater Is the LARGEST Stand Up Paddle shop in the region. They are a one stop shop on all things Stand Up Paddle. Covewater also provides SUP board demos, rentals as well as SUP classes and tours in the Santa Cruz Area.

Stand Up Paddleboard and Kayak Rentals in Capitola:


Stand Up Paddle New Brighton
. SUP New Brighton provides affordable Capitola paddleboard rentals and kayak rentals just steps from the water at New Brighton State Beach in Capitola.


Stand Up Paddle Capitola. SUP Capitola offers first-class Capitola stand up paddling classes and tours from beautiful Capitola beach.

Surf Shop:


On The Beach Surf Shop Monterey, CA. OTB is the LARGEST Surf shop on the Monterey Peninsula.

All the bases are covered Surf boards, Skate boards, Beach Lifestyle Clothes, Wetsuits, Sunglasses, and a crazy cool shop. Owner: Kelly Sorenson

Surf Lessons:


Carmel Surf Lessons Pacific Grove, CA. Carmel Surf Lessons is the go to for both adults and kids. Teaching surfing since 1986, professional instruction, professional grade gear. Trusted by all three surf shops on the Monterey Peninsula. Parties, groups, and private lessons offered almost daily all year round. All equipment included all ages and abilities welcome. Owner: Noah Greenberg

Kayak, Bike, and Stand up Paddle Board Rental:


Adventures by The Sea Monterey, CA. Adventures by the sea have locations throughout the Monterey Peninsula (Monterey, Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach). If you want to rent bikes, go on a kayak tour, take a group stand up paddle board lesson, or do a team building session, they can help. Owners: Frank and Michelle Knight

SUP Gallery

Race Announcing

Brent has created a diversified business portfolio in the endurance sport industry over the past 18 years. Like many business professionals Brent found the sport of triathlon while working in the corporate world back in 1994. Triathlon provided him with a healthy new set of goals that allowed him to create a more holistic balance in his life. In 1997 Brent walked away from the corporate scene to create a business that fit into his active life style of adventure travel and outdoor fitness. I couldn’t have dreamed what has played out since.

I became a regular on a nationally syndicated radio show in Charlotte, NC in 1998. The show basically had me talk about all the wild endurance sports I was competing in and organized interviews with top iconic athletes in our sport. This opened the door for me to create a niche in race announcing, TV, webcast, and PR.

Brent created Participate in Life multi-sport marketing and endurance sport coaching in 1999 based in Charlotte, NC. In 2002 he was brought out to California by a large triathlon event management company to develop and create several parts of their existing business as well as to create several new business models. Brent held a USA Triathlon expert level coaching certification from 2000-2010 (coaching since 1997) and has directed over 100+ USAT Sanctioned Triathlon and Open water swim camps/clinics. The primary area’s I do most of my Race announcing/Commentating and Consulting/promotional work are located in Central/Northern California and Hawaii. Brent has raced in all types of endurance sports over the years including Ironman triathlons, ultra-marathons, off-road triathlons, cycling, mountain biking, adventure racing, and ocean sports (Surf-Stand Up Paddle and Prone paddling).”Variety is the spice of life”.

Brent and his wife Kelley reside in Carmel-by-sea, California. You can usually find Brent in one of 3 places, either working at an event in endurance sports, traveling with Kelley or in the ocean surfing or paddling.

General Information

My current reintroduction into race announcing/commentating:

After a trip around the world in 2008 I decided to open the door to doing some announcing work as an independent contractor (prompted by my wife Kelley). I really didn’t know if this was something I wanted to get back into, but every now and again I would fill in or work with friends (announcers) at events in and out of California. After managing race announcing, webcast, TV, PR, Media, pro-liaison, conducting training camps/clinics etc. at major endurance events from 1999-2006 I was kind of burned out on the event scene.

In 2010 I started to realize how much I enjoyed just race announcing/commentating, which is part of what I was doing business wise from 1999-2001 in North Carolina/California/Hawaii. In a couple of years (2009-2010) I went from a few events to 25-30 events. One of the inherent problems of doing this type of work is getting scheduled up and new opportunities are blocked because of existing clients (events/dates). As of 2015 the other parts of Brent Allen Outside have me limited regarding my announcing schedule . The other block of my time goes into consulting and promotional work in the lifestyle sports industry (event/product/professional athletes). In 2014 I decided to move forward with developing a small Stand Up Paddle business located in Carmel , CA providing SUP tours, instruction , and land/water fitness training . This is designed for private sessions with a maximum of 2 clients per session. In 2015 Brent Allen Outside will be adding some Stand Up Paddle clinics and WPA Instructor certification clinics.

Event Experience

What makes me different?

  • I have competed in endurance sports since 1994. I purposely have trained for and done a strong mix of different styles of endurance sport events. This is invaluable when communicating to large groups of competitors .
  • The KEY elements to great race announcing include * entertainment *interesting content*recognition of the competitors-sponsors-volunteers * understanding the roll out of critical time lines * competency of managing many flowing details and leaving all involved excited to return again. Entertain-inspire-educate-and maximize the impact of a positive experience.
  • I have coached/consulted in endurance sports since 1997 (individuals, training camps/clinics*kids and adult, and elite level athletes).
  • Real world experience having managed major aspects and announced at some of the biggest events in endurance sports. This has allowed me to have a HIGH level of knowledge regarding details and deadlines. All the hidden details that only experience develops. As of 2015 I estimate having done Race Announcing/Hosting at 200 events across the United States.
  • I have 18 years experience working with professional, elite and Olympic level athletes. Having worked as a Professional liaison for major endurance events, helped athletes at our Olympic training centers and provided individual consulting for elite athletes.
  • Voice * you either have a voice that plays well to listeners or you don’t. I would like to think my humor is somehow linked to one of my relatives Will Rodgers. Yes I have an accent that is fading some (Oklahoma/North Carolina). I have lived in 2 locations in California Palos Verdes (1965-1971) Carmel by the sea 2002-present.
  • I have gained experience and knowledge over the years from other related work purposely done to learn more about my new professional life: Life Guard at Mecklenburg Aquatic Center, Manager Bicycles South, and Ocean Rescue Training with the California State Lifeguard program. Red Cross Life Guard certifications CPR-First Aid (NC, CA) and recently *2012World Paddle Association Instructor certification /Paddle Fit Pro Stand Up Paddle level 2 coaching certification.
  • I am very grateful to get the opportunity to make a positive impact with race announcing etc. Making people feel good about their accomplishment, promoting a healthy life style and in general being stoked on life.
  • If you would like to get in touch with me regarding Race announcing/Commentating and Event hosting. email

I’m a firm believer to be an effective speaker/commentator/consultant you need to have practical experience, otherwise you will NEVER truly understand the people you are speaking to and speaking on.

Some of my favorite events I have competed in over the years:

*The Assault on Mt. Mitchell 102 miles (considered one of the toughest single day road cycling events in the US).SC/NC

*The Scott Tinley’s Extreme 24 mile Mountain Bike Race San Luis Obispo, CA

*Xterra Off-Road Triathlon World Championship Maui , HI

*Charlotte Observer Marathon 26.2 Mile. Charlotte, NC

*Oslo Half Marathon 13.1 miles . Oslo, Norway

*Crowder’s Mountain 50KM Trail Run. NC

*The JFK 50 Mile Ultra-Marathon. MD

*The Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon . San Francisco, CA

*Memphis in May Triathlon. Memphis, TN

*Panama City Half Ironman Triathlon. Panama City, FL

*Ironman Canada Triathlon 2.4 mile swim 112 mile bike 26.2 mile run . Penticton, BC

*The Vineman Ironman Triathlon 2.4 mile swim 112 mile bike 26.2 mile run . Santa Rosa,CA

*CAT adventure race camp  24 hour race with course elevation lo 7,500ft hi 10,000ft. Estes Park , CO

*Jay Moriarity Memorial paddleboard race 12 mile (Stand Up Paddle) . Santa Cruz, CA 

*Pier to Pier paddleboard race 5 mile (Prone). Capitola, CA

*Molokai2Oahu 32 mile paddleboard world championship (3 man relay 14.ft Stand Up Paddle)HI

Endurance Sport Coaching background NC/CA

  • Individual coaching athletes to 30 Ironman & Half Ironman triathlon finishes. 100% success all athletes, including spots to the Hawaiian IM world Championship.NC
  • Team in Training Triathlon.NC
  • Created /developed /managed/coached over 100 USA Triathlon certified camps/clinics and other in multisport and open-water swimming.
  • USA Triathlon certified coach l (expert) 1999-2010
  • Consulting USAT elite and junior elite development training. Chula Vista, CA Olympic Training Center and Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center (and other).
  • Red Cross Certified Lifeguard ,CPR ,and First Aid.NC/CA
  • California State Lifeguard training Monterey-Huntington Beach, CA.
  • WPA/Paddle fit Pro certified Stand up Paddle Instructor. CA
  • Professional Triathletes/Olympians/and other elite athletes:
    • Pro-Liaison for Major Multi-Sport events California. Working with over 1,500 elite triathletes.
    • Direct individual endurance sport athlete representation and consultation. NC/CA

Event Resume of events can be provided by request -including managment of announcing-public relations-media-pro-liaison-pro-series -webcast-television. email 

Note: I purposely have created more of a regional niche in central/northern California and Hawaii for race announcing/commentating/hosting. This region blends well with my consulting/promotional work and travel. I am always happy to speak with event companies in other locations.

Fee Design

Fee Base: My fees are based on several different criteria. Travel cost, location, event type, size of event (how many participants), preparation *information/consult time prior to event, hours on site announcing, the amount of days (such as a multi-day festival). Etc. Minimum fee is $500 (events located in close proximity to Carmel by the Sea) Based on grey areas of cool locations and accommodations etc. will take into consideration on fee base.

What I do and don’t provide: (Do) my expertise announcing/commentating / entertainment, music appropriate for the event (loaded in an IPod played on provided sound system). (Don’t) Sound equipment or set-up of sound equipment (most event companies have their own equipment or hire a professional sound company) There is confusion sometimes for newer events on mobile DJ’s vs. experienced professional commentators in specific sports. (Just like NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL etc) The Timing Company events hire has all the data/laptops and information that the announcers use through-out events especially when athletes cross the finish line.

Make sure to have in place event professionals that have working knowledge of setting up sound equipment and understand site lay out for proper sound direction etc.

2015 -2016 Schedule

2015 Race Announcing/Commentating Schedule:
(Weekends that I am already booked in 2015 or blocked for other activities).
Calendar last updated 11/19/2015
1. March 22nd Oakland, CA
2. April 19th Calistoga, CA
3. April 25th-26th Carmel, CA
4. May 9th-10th 
5. May 16th-17th
6. May 23rd-24th 
7. June 7th Livermore, CA
8. June 21st Carmel, CA
9. July 4th San Ramon, CA
10. August 8th San Francisco, CA  
11. August 22nd San Francisco, CA 
12. September 20th Pleasanton, CA
13. October 3rd-4th Monterey, CA
14. October 10th -11th Lake Tahoe , CA
15. November 1st Stockton, CA
16. November 8th Monterey, CA 
17.November 26th Stockton, CA
18. December 6th San Ramon, CA
2016 Race Announcing/Hosting Schedule 
(weekends that I am already booked or blocked for other activities)
1. February 27th 
2. March 20th Oakland, CA
3. April 9th 
4. April 17th Calistoga, CA
5. April 23rd -24th Carmel, CA
6. May 28th-30th
7. June 5th Livermore, CA
8. July 4th San Ramon, CA
9. August 13th San Francisco, CA
10. August 20th-21st 
11. August 27th San Francisco, CA
12. September 18th  Pleasanton, CA
13. September 25th Danville, CA
14. October 7th-9th Lake Tahoe, CA
15. November 6th University of the Pacific
16. November 12th-13th Monterey, CA
17. December 3rd San Ramon, CA



“Living the Dream”

In 1991, after Kelley and I got married, I accepted a position in the corporate world that would relocate us to Charlotte, North Carolina. We both thought why not? Let’s do it!
After our move, I traveled almost every week working in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. In 1994 I started competing in triathlons and
going to competitions in places we had never been.
In 1997 I left the corporate world and created my own business designed around endurance sports.
We started to plan for bigger trips out of the country. In 1998 we went to Europe for 2 months traveling to Denmark , Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Britain on a Eurorail Pass.
We had such a great time on our European trip that in 2008 we traveled for almost 6 months and spent time in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa , and France * Nice /Paris.
Kelley has become super knowledgeable about all that traveling entails : accommodations, car rentals, flights  etc..

We decided to create a travel show design on our constant road trips that fit into the world I work and play. The awesome thing about lifestyle sporting events is they are usually in very cool unique locations. We will be flowing through California this year on the wild world of endurance sports events .  California is covered with interesting small towns and we will be providing great information on what we find along the way.


Companies I Recommend

I have done Marketing/Consulting for and recommend:

TYR swim suits, goggles and caps
Finis swim goggles
Blueseventy wetsuits, swim suits, goggles.
Xterra wetsuits
Desoto wetsuits
Schwinn mountain bikes
Giro and Bell bike helmets
REVO sunglasses
Power Bar
Peet’s coffee
Blackburn mag trainers
Oakley apparel – shoes – watch- bags
Pearl Izumi cycling apparel
Felt racing bikes
Kestrel carbon fiber bikes
Timex ironman watches
Polar heart rate monitors
Thule bike racks
Jog-Mate protein supplement
Brave solider cycling first aid ointments and men’s skin care
Muscle Milk
Newton Running shoes
Sock Guy – performance socks-arm warmers-leg warmers- cycling kits
G-Push sports drink
Bicycles South Charlotte, NC
Columbia apparel -shoes – backpack
Covewater Paddle Surf Santa Cruz , CA
On the Beach Surf Shop – Monterey, CA
Sports Basement -San Francisco Bay Area

Causes We Support

Click on or copy links below:

The Marine Mammal Center

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

World Wildlife Fund

Save The Rhino International

Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund

California State Parks Foundation

Wounded Warrior Project

The American Red Cross


On the homepage, there are two basic symbols the Maori Hei Matau fish hook and a vintage VW Kombi Van.

These two icons promote visions of freedom, travel, surf culture, following your own path in life, outdoor fitness, the ocean, and living by example on the road less traveled.
The Hei-Matau or Maori fish hook represents strength, good luck and safe travel across water. Hei-Matau are symbols of power and authority which are held in reverence by the Maori people of New Zealand.

-The VW Kombi Van is a staple of surf culture around the world. Most people that came from the 1950’s to the 1970’s get a smile on their face when they see a classic VW Kombi Van rolling down the road. If you travel to places that thrive on outdoor sports from California, Colorado, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and so on you will see why they have such reverence in the lifestyle sports world. We hired travel vans in New Zealand and Australia that we drove for 3 months. The dream of driving down the coast with the
windows down, everything you need in a van, surfboards on the roof and your favorite music playing. This is the lifestyle and vision we promote . If you have ever done this , you know exactly what we’re saying. 

That is why these two symbols fit so well with all that we do at Brent Allen Outside and the adventure travels of “On the road with Brent & Kelley”

BAO Story

I could never have dreamed in a million years what has made up my life to date and the incredible people I have come to know. In the most basic terms I simply try each day to be grateful for what I have, treat all people the same, not take anything for granted, help others, and leave things better than I found them.

My wife Kelley and I reside in Carmel by the Sea, CA. We have been together since high school (30 + years). Over the years we have traveled all over the world and decided to create “On The Road with Brent and Kelley”. You will find SOLID recommendations on accommodations , restaurants, coffee shops, outdoor gear , concerts, crazy fun outdoor activities and more . Just look at the TRAVEL section of the site and Tumbler blog brentallenoutside . We have actively been on the road collecting stories , photos , and videos in 2016 visiting our US National Parks.  We continue to be blown away with the incrediable beauty that out national parks provide. To stay current on the locations we promote and visit  just get connected to our instagram account:                     brentallenoutside .

Eventually you will start seeing us in travel media nationally and regionally.

Schedule time in 2016 to come out for a Stand Up Paddle Session with Brent Allen Outside in the Iconic Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary. We are listed on Trip Advisor to see our client reviews.

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe,

Brent Allen Outside.



Brent Allen

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Mobile: 831-233-0078


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