On the homepage, there are two basic symbols the Maori Hei Matau fish hook and a vintage VW Kombi Van.

These two icons promote visions of freedom, travel, surf culture, following your own path in life, outdoor fitness, the ocean, and living by example on the road less traveled.
The Hei-Matau or Maori fish hook represents strength, good luck and safe travel across water. Hei-Matau are symbols of power and authority which are held in reverence by the Maori people of New Zealand.

-The VW Kombi Van is a staple of surf culture around the world. Most people that came from the 1950’s to the 1970’s get a smile on their face when they see a classic VW Kombi Van rolling down the road. If you travel to places that thrive on outdoor sports from California, Colorado, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and so on you will see why they have such reverence in the lifestyle sports world. We hired travel vans in New Zealand and Australia that we drove for 3 months. The dream of driving down the coast with the
windows down, everything you need in a van, surfboards on the roof and your favorite music playing. This is the lifestyle and vision we promote . If you have ever done this , you know exactly what we’re saying. 

That is why these two symbols fit so well with all that we do at Brent Allen Outside and the adventure travels of “On the road with Brent & Kelley”