2015 Race Announcing/Commentating Schedule:
(Weekends that I am already booked in 2015 or blocked for other activities).
Calendar last updated 11/19/2015
1. March 22nd Oakland, CA
2. April 19th Calistoga, CA
3. April 25th-26th Carmel, CA
4. May 9th-10th 
5. May 16th-17th
6. May 23rd-24th 
7. June 7th Livermore, CA
8. June 21st Carmel, CA
9. July 4th San Ramon, CA
10. August 8th San Francisco, CA  
11. August 22nd San Francisco, CA 
12. September 20th Pleasanton, CA
13. October 3rd-4th Monterey, CA
14. October 10th -11th Lake Tahoe , CA
15. November 1st Stockton, CA
16. November 8th Monterey, CA 
17.November 26th Stockton, CA
18. December 6th San Ramon, CA
2016 Race Announcing/Hosting Schedule 
(weekends that I am already booked or blocked for other activities)
1. February 27th 
2. March 20th Oakland, CA
3. April 9th 
4. April 17th Calistoga, CA
5. April 23rd -24th Carmel, CA
6. May 28th-30th
7. June 5th Livermore, CA
8. July 4th San Ramon, CA
9. August 13th San Francisco, CA
10. August 20th-21st 
11. August 27th San Francisco, CA
12. September 18th  Pleasanton, CA
13. September 25th Danville, CA
14. October 7th-9th Lake Tahoe, CA
15. November 6th University of the Pacific
16. November 12th-13th Monterey, CA
17. December 3rd San Ramon, CA