Brent Allen Outside Stand Up Paddle Carmel by the sea, California.

BAO Stand Up Paddle is designed for a more personalized and complete experience for 1 or 2 persons. Most people appreciate having the undivided attention of a coach/instructor especially in ocean environments. This is a great opportunity for those that enjoy cross training to try a workout that is fun and different. BAO SUP is perfect for adventurous people that love the outdoors and being on the water. Learn how to Stand Up Paddle, take a tour, do a beach/SUP workout or just go paddle with no agenda.

The Monterey Bay is an incredible location for Stand Up Paddle Boarding with some of the most dynamic scenery in the world. On calm days it’s like standing on an aquarium. There is nothing like being on a Stand Up Paddle Board watching sea otters, harbor seals, dolphins and whales in the distance on their yearly migration. When the water is clear you get an incredible view of the ocean floor.

The Monterey Peninsula can be complicated with its weather patterns and ocean conditions. The south side of the Peninsula (Carmel) can be blue skies and sunshine, while the north side (Monterey) could be socked in with fog (Marine Layer). Because we have such fickle conditions it is important to have varied locations to take people out.

These are some of the primary locations we utilize for Stand Up Paddle:

  • Point Lobos State Reserve (Whalers Cove)
  • Carmel River Beach (River and Wetlands)
  • Carmel Beach (Launching from the south end)
  • Stillwater Cove (Pebble Beach)
  • Lovers Point (Pacific Grove)
  • Fisherman’s Wharf (Monterey)

These are the BAO Stand Up Paddle board options to choose from:

  • Basic Stand Up Paddle Instruction and skills
  • Stand Up Paddle Touring *It’s like taking a hike in the ocean.
  • Don’t harsh my mellow SUP * paddle to a kelp bed, tie down and get a suntan.*I don’t want to rush lets go paddle.
  • All sessions are 2 hours in total .Maximum 2 persons.
  • BAO can structure longer sessions (based on clients experience and fitness) and multiple day sessions.
  • You can choose a morning session or late afternoon session. These are usually the calmest times (wind) to have a great experience *daylight savings time is March to October for an early evening session. Being on the water when the sun is slowly going down over the Pacific is always memorable.

What does a 2 hour session cost?

  • Private session $150.00
  • 2 person session $150 per person =$300.00
  • We can provide longer sessions –just email your request.
  • Is it appropriate to provide a tip after the session ? Yes * On average they vary from 20%-100%

Are there any other costs involved that I need to be aware of?

  • There is a $10.00 entry fee for Pebble Beach and Point Lobos State Preserve.
  • Fisherman’s Wharf Monterey is metered parking (cash or credit will work for the meters)

 What does BAO Stand Up Paddle Provide?

  • Quality Stand Up Paddle Boards *Selected for clients based on session design and experience.
  • Boards are 9ft up to 14ft long Universal, Touring, Surfing, and Expedition models.
  • Kialoa Adjustable Paddles (from 5ft tall to 6’5ft )
  • Coiled board leashes –keeps the leash out of the water for no drag.
  • GoPro Photographs (2-4) that I email after the session.

What I DO NOT provide and the recommendations that will help.

  • Wetsuits or apparel for SUP session.
  • I do not rent equipment (Stand Up Boards, Paddles etc.)
  • Refer to the section on “local businesses I recommend” for purchasing stand up paddle board gear, wetsuit rentals, surf lessons, surf shops, SUP instruction for groups (Monterey & Santa Cruz), SUP equipment rental, bike rentals, and kayak tours/rentals.

 What should I wear?

  • Stand Up Paddle is about being on the water not in the water. It is more like dressing properly for running/hiking than being in the ocean. Yes falling in the water might happen. Your body warms up fast when you are in movement.
  • On cooler days or if you get cold easily a full 3/2 surf wetsuit or multi-sport wetsuit and 3mm booties are recommended.

I personally only wear a wetsuit (4/3 or 3/2, booties, and neoprene cap) if I am surfing Stand Up Paddle boards in this area. The Monterey Bay surface water temperature can vary from 50 degrees in the winter and up to 60 + degrees in the summer. The wind speed, air temperature, and Fog/marine layer can create a very Ocean specific chilling cold. Summer for the Monterey Peninsula is August to October.

  • On sunny warm days (above 60 degrees) for your lower half: swimsuit (waist to knee *referred to as Jammers) with board shorts, neoprene shorts, or technical tights are all options. Choices for your top/torso: Long sleeve rash guard, short sleeve 1.5/2mm top, long sleeve 1.5/2mm top, or a long sleeve technical shirt are all options. Hats are always smart. Make sure it has a chin clasp or is tied to your top or wetsuit.
  • Always check the weather before you leave home. Just go to :

Plug in Carmel, CA or Monterey, CA. It’s also smart to check the surf report for the area at go to the forecast heading *choose North America *then central California * then Monterey. This will provide swell, wind water temp etc…

What should I wear if I am doing a beach/Stand Up Paddle Work Out?

  • A surf spring suit would be optimal. If you have competed in multi-sport, a tri-suit (technical fabric) or triathlon wetsuit. Another option is to wear a swim suit as your base layer, board shorts, and 1.5/2mm neoprene long sleeve top. In these work outs you will be doing lifeguard type calisthenics on the beach and on Stand Up Paddle boards. You will end up in the water. Surface temperature will most likely be 56-60 degrees. If you live the fitness lifestyle, you will LOVE it!


What should I bring?

  • Beach towel
  • Sun Screen
  • Sandals
  • Something to drink (water/sports drink and coffee/tea) a warm drink is smart to warm your core temperature. Make sure to be hydrated before the session.
  • Something to snack on after your session *Clif Bar, Mojo Bar, Builder Bar, Banana etc.
  • Warm clothes to change into after your session.
  • Warm jug of water (a used gallon milk jug will work just fine). You can then clean off and wash the sand from your feet.
  • The most important thing to bring? A GREAT attitude!
  • Hat (stylish )

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