However good or bad a situation it will change . (at Ocean Avenue)

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Jim Hines -1st man to break 10 seconds in the 100 meters . 1968 Mexico City Olympics. The record stood for 15 years. What an honor to have a short interview.

The Oakland Raiderettes cheer runners in at the finish line . What a great group to welcome the runners.

The Golden State Warrior’s also had their Warrior Girls cheering runners at the finish line .

The 5th Annual Oakland Running Festival

The Mayor of Oakland Jean Quan Spends the day welcoming everyone to the city and cheering runners.

Raiders Hall of Famer Willie Brown has been at the finish many years.

“On the road with Brent and Kelley” California

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The 2014 Stand Up for the Cure Newport Beach, CA.

Mahalo -Race Director Dan Van Dyck

I didn’t know how fortunate I would be to get an email a week out on coming down to help Emcee/host this incredible event. Raising $125,000 for Breast Cancer. This SUP event had a HUGE turn out.

This event is scheduled for May 2nd 2015.

Thank you to the entire Schweitzer family .

What a great group of people from:

Thank You Mike Muir for a great day with your team!

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 Simple reason we need to protect Rhino’s.

On Safari 

All of these pictures where taken with a $175 Kodak Camera.

“On the Road with Brent & Kelley ” -South Africa.

The Lionesses walked right past the open air range rover. 3 feet away. unbelievable.

The Male and Female Leopards where about 40 feet away.

The Warthhog was in the backyard of our cottage mowing the grass.

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Point Reyes @ the end of the day . Fog pouring through the cypress trees.

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Half Moon Bay Sunset . Looks like an atomic blast on the pacific . (at Surfer Beach)

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